Tax management department

Ing. Kateřina Bakošová
Phone: +420 602821252
Accountancy department

Ing. Nadia Goulliová
Phone: +420 602229200

  Reg. No.         45276757
  VAT Reg. No. CZ45276757

3g Consulting, Accountancy, Taxes, Tax Advisor, Certified Accountant, Certified Tax Advisor, Tax Return, Prague, central bohemia, Czech Republic


Need help with accounts or taxes? Search no more.

Our company is providing:

  • all accounting services including wages management
  • processing all taxes
  • services of a tax adviser
  • economical counseling

We are members of Association of accountants, Chamber of certified accountants and Chamber of tax advisors.

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The company was founded in 1992 and originally it was designed for numerical modeling. More and more services were adding gradually and from 2002 the company is focusing exclusively to economical, fiscal and accounting services.

If you are interested you can, out of nostalgia, visit our initial web pages about numerical modeling from 1994.

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