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Need help with accounts or taxes? Search no more.

We are members of Association of accountants, Chamber of certified accountants and Chamber of tax advisors. The company was founded in 1992 and originally it was designed for numerical modeling. More and more services were adding gradually and from 2002 the company is focusing exclusively to economical, fiscal and accounting services.

Since the foundation of 3G Consulting, more than 250 clients employed our services, from self-employed up to medium-sized companies.

From the occupational point of view our company does not have any limitations, we have experience in service for self-employed, catering establishment, hotels, shop keepers of various kinds of products, different services, manufacturing corporations, agriculture, health services and also artists.

We are of insured in case of corresponding risks connected with proffesional services.



We will help you with the management of all accounting agendas, both as individual and legal entities, including payroll accounting.

In addition we provide contact with tax authorities, social security offices and health insurance companies. We will also prepare corresponding tax returns within the framework of accounting processing.

We have certifications up to the level of Balance Accountant. .

Tax consultancy

We will provide you with qualified services of a tax advisor both in the processing of taxes and in representation of you or your business in relation to tax authorities.

We have the necessary certificates of tax advisors and we are listed in the list of tax advisors in the Czech Republic.

Economical counseling

Take advantage of our expertise and experience in economic consulting. We will help you decide on the future of your business, or help you plan to make important changes. We will help you get organized for the changes ahead and make the right decisions, for example, in acquisitions, liquidations or restructuring of your businesses. We also offer qualified consultations if you are dealing with a problem situation in your business.

However, we do not engage in investment and credit consultancy.


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Ing. Nadia Goulliová

Accounting and economical counseling

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Ing. Kateřina Bakošová

Tax management department

3G Consulting, s.r.o.

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